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7 Best wordpress plugins that must be used

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A plugin is a name of software or add on which explores its self ability, Every plugin has different feature by which it is known for capabilities. It is specially used in WordPress or at other platform like WP, Plugin can be safe your website by security extensions [plug-in] or in simple words it helps in customization of Websites.

Yoast seo in wordpress

It is one of the best plugin for improving search engine optimization, Seo exist two types OFF Page seo and ON Page seo  and this addon is comes under ON Page. Yoast seo provide free version for beginners but the premium version is used for advance, to rank website in less days.

Important features provided by yoast

  • Meta tag description
  • Focus keywords
  • Insert URL in images
  • Blog post rank indication

Lite speed caches

A plug-in used for reduce website load time; it is very important because site loading time helps in improving rank and resolve hang problem. Generally what happen? When traffic increases and website goes in slow mode due to high traffic and it is also depend on wordpress hosting, so use best hosting .

All in one WP security

WordPress already have best security and great platform itself but Criminals [hackers] use some and perform special practice on our websites so these plugins helps from hacking and safe by using plugin, one of them best  All in one WP security. Its overall rating 4.3.6 and top reviews by its continue users. It consist of some firewalls which will safe from virus.

Akismet Anti-spam

This plugin tells about itself by its name Anti-spam. Hackers can enter by any way so it is in our to safe our websites and ready for the fight against these circumstances. So install this plugin for your website safety, these all plugins are free and their premium version also available with some cost but my opinion use free version until website earning not start.

  • Safe from the spam comments like Links without permission.
  • Automatically check that comments are normally posted or these are spam comments.


Logonizer helps you fight against bruteforce attack attempted by hackers, if attempted many logins then it inform to users, now easily owner can add in blacklist or whitelist their IPs using logonizer. So always installed it in wordpress blog.

Features list in Logonizer

  • Blacklist IP range
  • Blocks IP after maximum login attempt
  • Whitelist IP/IP range
  • Delete IP ranges
  • It check logs of failed attempts
  • Send email notification to admin after maximum logins

One signal push notification

One signal is best plugin used by many famous website it is totally free, it works based on Automatic system. When you post new blog on your website it will send notification to that person even user left your website and post update notification. It runs on large scale over the website in the world.

 Google analytics

Google analytics is a plugin which is very important addon because every website having traffic but matter is that how we can analyse daily traffic on blog but its complete solution is Google analytics. so install it fast. 






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