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Antivirus For Computer/laptop/mobile is really good or bad

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Let’s talk about Antivirus means which kills or protect from viruses, these are of 9 types some of them are following,
Boot Sector Virus,
Web Scripting Virus,
File Infector Virus,
Browser Hijacker,
Direct Action Virus,
Resident Virus,
Polymorphic Virus,
Web Scripting Virus,
Multipartite Virus,
these virus can slow your computer and Black hat hackers always try to hack and steal data from computer by intervening in user network and release these viruses, by releasing them all the data can corrupt, always Use (Paid Antivirus) do not use free or trial antivirus because they are virus in themself. They are the hackers which try to enter into pc by the free antivirus and steal data, make fool to us that your computer if affected by virus but it was affected by free antivirus viruses rather use the Window defender of window , it is always inserted in system to keep files safe but it is to be remembered that update Window Defender to latest to give better response.

Tips to get Antivirus free System

# Use paid antivirus it is almost in of Rs. 400 nearly easily can afford.
# Whenever insert pendrive into system always scan from paid antivirus or format to pendrive if it carry virus otherwise it can affect.
# Do not use online antivirus.
# Antivirus protection is necessary so do not ignore any virus whenever antivirus noticed to delete virus immediately remove virus.
#Most effective Antivirus are Avast, Quick heal, kasperky, McAfee.
#Do not use China Browsers because most hackers are from China ,or not use so many browsers. somedays before Uc Browser was removed from Android Playstore App because they are not following policy and they steal important data.
# So do not use UC Browser.

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