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Apple watch 3 latest series -full Specifications

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Apple watch 3 series

  • In Today’s world all are fan of Apple’s products that is because of expensive smartphones, apples Wrist watches, Laptops etc. There are lots of products which already apple released in market, It’s  product best thing is that no one can hack it. But in News it is found to be listen that Apple slow down phones whenever new phone launched. This company is top leading company in the world in selling phones. Onward they had launched it’s watch one of them Apple watch 3 series it is totally with awesome look with steel body & 100%  water resistant Up to 55 meter below atmospheric pressure.

Apple watch other features

  • This watch consist heart beat sensor to calculating heartbeat & Gyroscope(It is a device which measure the velocity). A Internet faculty also given by Wi-Fi way to make enjoyable time anywhere, it keep in mind to maintenance Health and Fitness. Available variants are space grey, Aluminum, Black etc. Sometimes we forgot own phone at home & we need to urgent call to someone then we have a option to call by our watch because it is always in our hand, we don’t need to put off this watch because it is water resistant so we can easily call anyone. we can watch messages even we forgot phone at home, but firstly have to connect phone by a server with watch. It’s weight almost between 27.9 grams with very light weight in this watch light sensors also embedded. Apple’s phone most bought in 2018 it is calculated by company after second one is (Mi phones).but it is too costly around Rs.30,000. Product is good but remember in mind before purchasing this.

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