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Best Pc Games With Lowest requirements

Veer Lodhi 0

Best Pc games

A new era is totally mad for best pc games or it coming in habits day by day ,but it is good for entertainment & maintenance health if it plays in limit, In present new pc games released which required high graphics or requirements. I brought to you top pc games.

About games(horror game,military game)

Resident Evil 4: This is a horror game, city is haunted by virus & by spreading of this virus, people of the city has been dying because of virus, it mixed with blood & bodies converted into zombies, all the living things transformed into zombies. This game was addicted for me when i played first time at my friends system, this was amazing experience.


Just cause 2: It is a action plus shooting game, In this game operation team is fight with government for country. it is almost military game, player having amazing weapons ex. Parachute, Reloaded guns, one hand arrow rope. Parachute is amazing! how it opened. Firstly reached on the top or on height then jump & open the parachute.


Resident evil 5: It is upgraded game from Resident evil 4 both the games are my favorite, I had played 4 times residency 4 and at least 3 time I had played still i want to play because that sound is awesome, I think these versions of the game are on top. You should play these games if you are mad for games. it is combination of adventure + shooting+ action no need to graphics for version 4 but required for version 5.


Prototype 2: In this game player is already affected by some types of infections but it was good result he having great powers, he could fly without parachute the only games I am telling to readers which i had experienced by played them. Another one power it was, he can climb on wall without any equipments. So play it, Enjoy it.


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