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Boeing first Flying taxi launched- test completed

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About Boeing

Boeing is going to launch its new flying car which can be used as taxi for public and it will operated with the driver/pilot. Boeing is the world’s largest company in making aerospace products like Launch system, design security system and produced defense weapons.
Their products are Aircraft, jets, electronic launchers,satellites, communication system. Boeing is an American multinational company which totally work on developing aerospace products. This company never stops so now they turned to luanch Boeing flying taxi.

Bertrand-Marc (Marc) Allen

Bertrand-Marc (Marc) Allen is served as a president of Boeing corporation .Recently they launched the Flying car which can easily serve its service, think what will be the future if it is present.

Boeing chief said that this autonomous flying taxi will be very helpful for the passengers in urgency, he explained that the prototype is powered and fixed by using of propulsion. it is type of booster which can help to move forward as the word pro means forward.
Autonomous Flying taxi’s first test has been successfully completed and it is moving and working well but before it they are making something new corrections but almost it ready to serving it for the people.

As we know in coming years fuel will get finished So this taxi model runs on Batteries. It means however it charge, can be give mileage up to 80 Kilometers which is not enough for long distance. Battery backup should be high because if the passenger has go somewhere which can be longest than 80 km.

But according to its length this is not for long distances because it have not so much energy backup. if i talk about the design of the taxi, it is one of best machine which is design by Boeing. its first colour variant is sky blue and four Propellers are attached to it and its looks like the Aeroplane/Submarine if you see.
Boeing company situated in Chicago
,illinois , United states of America and CEO of the company, he is MR. Dennis Muillenberg

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