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Facebook use our data for making money-How

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Facebook is using our Data

Hello guys I here with news blog that Facebook is using our Data for advertising products in timeline and made money from Traffic. As we know that Almost 95% people connect with Facebook and you know what this social networking is comes in Top 3 list of Google analytics first is itself Google and second one is Youtube.
Facebook not steal data it analyse data of their users to make advertising on our timeline Question is that how it use our data to serve ads in front of us. Actually as a company fulfillment it is necessary to submit your age number or gmail address this is not here, Some extra questions has been updated some year ago that fill your Likes if i give example- which is our favourite car, which is our favourite products and Songs. One more thing to know if you know about Cookies it plays major in helping to Facebook- Let you have watched any product on Shopping online store like on Amazon, Flipkart etc The company will definitely show you that ads.

Facebook advertise on profile

About Facebook
Facebook Is a big social networking site it means which connect us in Network and it is founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. According to Survey 2.2 Billion active users per month available and till now Company has made USD 84.524 billion Can you imagine a simple college student can do it.

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