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Buy cheapest domain from Godaddy in just Rs.349 for 1 year

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 Buy Cheapest Domain

Hello freinds I here for you again with new awesome blog for you my readers and great news want to present to you that how to buy cheapest domain from godaddy in just Rs.349, I think it is a best ever domain buying plan on any site but you can’t buy directly, I will tell you procedure to buy this offer. A normal value for buying the any domain is generally nearly about Rs. 650 but it is very easy to get this offer easily only in Rs.349. It is Ad by godaddy on google. Let’s see the way to buy domain. Sometime ago I tried but offer has been removed that time but I showed again on google, So I decided to tell my subscriber.

Procedure to Buy domain

  • You will see a AD on google just like you viewing in this picture and now you have to click on the AD of godaddy as you can see written in headline buy domain in Rs.349, If you will open direct homepage in godaddy there is domain will be of Rs.650 nearly.
  • If you have godaddy account then just Sign In then select only domain don’t add unnecessory securities to domain these are unworkable things for beginners.
  • After this fill full details according to refrence in blank space. If you don’t want to share your card details to anyone then make a virtual card for just only onetime payment. So the details will be safe.

See these Tips before buying the Domain

  • Before purchase the domain always think and name your domain that what type of site you want to make because it is also defend on domain, It is work as a keyword for your website to rank in google sometimes.
  • If you want to make tech website for bloging , name like techveerblog, techblogs, technicalquates etc.
  • Always buy .com because users mostly use .com on search engine.

These all tips are very important to buy a Best domain for website making.







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