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How to hide files in android phone without any application

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 Procedure to hide files

Security is very necessary for anyone let’s talk about how to keep safe files without any Application in smartphone, it is very easy to hide files in mobile, If we talk about security everyone want & everyone have secrets to hide but if we hide them by any App it can be remove by just uninstalling the application but from my way any photos or videos will not show in gallery. Now a days, small children generally used to open gallery. Let’s start first of all open the file manager in your smartphone go inside the SD card or phone storage after that select the file or pictures cut the file now next.

There is a folder named Android click on that folder after this three more folder will be appear one of them data named click on that inside the folder there are so many folders now paste the videos or photos there.

If you not understand just watch the pictures until not understand then watch my video on Youtube just click on this line.

Suggestions to keep files safe

#Do not download fake applications that are on play store because they hack the phones to steal data.

#Do not root the phone because it is responsible for coming unnecessary files from hackers they just first send files or application. If you want root your phone, Don’t keep any important data it can be corrupt.




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