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How to start writing complete rank blog [2018 Tricks]

Veer Lodhi 6

Blog– It is a collection of words as we write an essay in English writing. In any blog some requirements are necessary to fill because these tips are important which I will tell you next. Just write a blog of 300 words minimum-it is one of the necessities that blog should be in 300 words to rank or viral.

After writing a perfect blog then use the keywords as I used above and in my other posts. Highlight the best keywords, to know the best Seo keywords check the google adwords, there is a keywords plannar which helps you show in free without any costing.

Focus keywords-wordpress

2.Before Seo[search engine optimization]

Install the plugin named Yoast seo best free tool ever in WordPress. This tool helps you to manage your content, now some important options will be appear at the time of posting content.

  • Focus Keywords: These are main keywords in content- copy them usually and past in the blank space of focus keywords.
  • Fill Meta description and slug[title] in minimum 20 to 30 words related to post.

Add Url link to post

  • Add one link in text of any other post and page link and add pictures to get make more attractive blog post.
  • Url of the post should be contain full
  • Add tags which you had filled in focus keywords.
  • Check keywords density- it is should be at least 2.5%.




3.Now needs to some correction in website setting , In general setting add site Title after that downside of the title fill the Tagline- it plays a major role in ranking website I am saying that because this was experienced by me.


Let see how much traffic my website get from Tagline and another thing it should be at least 4 to 6 tags related to website, as you can see in this picture.

  1. 4. Create pages and category to write blog means on which topic you are writing blog add that category because everything matters for ranking your pages and posts etc.
  2. You should must get back links from other sites, it comes in Off page optimization which plays a great role to make viral. What are the back links? It is type of referral when we post our blog post link on other website post , it can be in comment section or in post. These are of two types-
  3. 1. No follow back link : It is not much effective but necessary
  4. Do follow back link: This link very important if 1 do follow link got then it is equal to 100 no follow links.

How to create backlinks?

It is very simple, copy blog post Url link and go to other high page rank website>open latest blog then comment with blog link>submit it. After it the moderator of site will clarify the link that is spam or not. The commenting option look like then comment if this is not appears. Don’t submit comment because it will count in Spam let see the picture.

Backlink generate space

Check Page ranking

How to check page rank?

Search on google It is a website which tells what is ranking of site.

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