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Otlarlife Business Plan and about Dr.Ram Sharma

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About Otlarlife and  Business plan

Otlarlife is a network marketing company and it is also known for fastest growing company in India. The company works on its principles and rules and regulations which made by Dr. Ram Sharma, founder of the organization. He designed the Otlarlife plan in a way that anyone can make money up to lakhs and even crores, it is true if you know about network marketing  then ok, but if don’t know about this then must read about network marketing and find the question that what is the power of marketing? You definitely shock.

About Dr.Ram Sharma

  • Birth place: Kullu
  • Hometown: Kolkata
  • 13 year MLM experience

About Otlarlife

  • Website:
  • Company established: 27 September 2015
  • Owner: Dr. Ram Sharma
  • Head office: Chandigarh
  • Awarded by youngest and best businessman global award by Thailand’s presidentin Bangkok.
  • Plant situated: Chandigarh food and beauty & care, Manali- Tea plant and other plants also situated in different cities, you can go to Otlarlife official website and checkout.

Otlarlife products

  1. Health care
  2. Beauty care products
  3. Agriculture based products available
  4. Automobile

What is the product range in Otlarlife?

Here you can purchase the product from 139 to 2 Crores Volvo buses.

Otlarlife business plan

In Otlarlife you can earn money in different ways, what are the ways by which you can fulfill your dreams in real life? let you know about these 9 awesome bonuses provided by company.

  1. Retail bonus
  2. Fast start bonus
  3. Team bonus
  4. Flying bonus
  5. Accelerator bonus
  6. Shelter bonus
  7. Luxury bonus
  8. Otlar bonus
  9. Scheme on purchase

Note: joined person known as striker

Retail Bonus [40% off]

If the joined person purchase any products or sell to other, striker will get 40% discount.

Fast start Bonus

If you joined to other person by 2000+139, you will get 400 rupees direct as a self sponsor and if you joined to anyone by 2500+139 then get Rs.500

Team Bonus 2%


S.No          Left RP           Right RP            %                 Rank

1                   1000                1k                         13%              Striker

2                    2.5k                    2.5k                  15%            Striker

3                  5k                        5k                     17%             Striker

4                  10K                      10K                   19%            Runners

5                    20K                      20K                   19%             Silver

6                 50K                      50K                   21%            Gold

7                  110k                    110k                       21%            Platinum

8                 175k                    175k                 22%            Diamond

9                    325k                  325k                  22%           Blue Diamond

10              525k                  525k                  23%             Black Diamond

11                 775k               775k                     24%             Royal Diamond

12             1050K                  1050K               25%           King striker



Monthly bonus in otlarlife

Flying bonus-2%

In this bonus  joined person have maintain 40K in both two legs as divided by names left and right usually. If person achieve this then he will get monthly turnover of company’s RP of 2% foreign tour.

Accelerator bonus

Person have to maintain 50k in both legs in first month and again next time he will have to maintain 90K in both side, If person achieve this then he will get monthly turnover of company’s RP of 3% for car fund.

Condition for bonus

To earn this income one must do 500000 RP on each side on any two months out of three months

Shelter bonus

3% of Company turn over on current month business as house fund.

Condtion for bonus

To earn this income one must do 110000 RP on each side on any two months out of three months.

Luxury Bonus

You will get 4% company’s turn over on current month business when you maintain 525000 RP on each side.

Yearly bonus of Otlarlife

Otlar bonus

This income is distributed annually on the basis of the company’s annual turnover in RP.

To qualify for this achievement one must hit two maximum payout that is Rs.2,62,000 out of 48 weeks of that particular year















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