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Pubg game explain and its tips and tricks to kill enemy

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Pubg game Tips and Tricks

PUBG game! Are  listen about this oh my god pubg is a great world’s favorite game now in Present. It  is a multiplayer battle game which can be played in different mode and like it can be played with team of two or four and Solo also person can also be play- This game is developed by South Korean company named as Blue Hole Specially created by Brendan Greene. He is a Video game creator and director of player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Brendan Greene was born in 1956, previously he already created so many games like ARMA 2 mod DAYZ, Fornite, Grand Theft Auto V and Garena  Free Fire etc. Basically Brendan Greene is work on Designing.

pubg game tips and tricks

PUBG Game tricks and Tips to kill the Enemy

In Pubg if you are reviving your friend, you should drop smoke grenade first it will help to you because Enemy can’t see you so always remember this tip.

Tip no.2- Always use the Suppressor because this equipment reduces the sound frequency and enemy get confused and he will unable to find out easily.

Tip no.3- Use Sniper for long distance and be careful don’t use sniper if the enemy is too close because sniper reloading speed is but it is the best gun for knockout in only one headshot.

Tip no.4- If you saw the enemy and he is kill you then, Jump again and again this will definitely help escape from the enemy.

Tip no.4 At the time of Looting the drop, Smoke on it then take Pubg drop’s loot.

Tip no.5- if you are taken hide and enemy is in building or in open area. Switch ON Peek feature.

Pubg best guns[Available only in house]

1.M416- it is one of the best gun pitch sound is good and bullets can be filled maximum 40 first coke is of 30 bullets. This gun suitable with 5.56                 mm      bullets.

2.M762- This gun also good gun and 7.62 mm bullets can be exist in it.

3.UMP9 is good not so good like M416 and M762. SMG suppressor suitable.

4.DROP’s all gun are good and drop guns are AUG and MK14.

Best Sniper according to Range

1.AWM is first sniper which is only available in Drop. Its shooting range is very long than other sniper.

2.M24 is on second place and its reloading speed is good.

3.Kar98 having good shooting range and it is on third no. but its recoiling is slow.

4.SLR or SKS or Mini14 are on same place and all having recoiling is good.

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