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Pubg Tips and Tricks 100% working | Tips for Become a pro Pubg Gamer| Increase KD Ratio in pubg

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If you want to Pro in pubg follow these tactics. let’s start the topic,

1. the first trick is when you was in the squad house you should first in the squad house . Before before throwing a Grenade you should cook because when you through random grenade , the enemy will change position, so the gremade
will be lost.

2.When you know the location of the enemy and he is coming to you don’t go to him because you have TPP. Because tpp have always benefit to kill the enemy so use it.

3.To get the winner winner chicken dinner always carry a vehicle in the last circle, because if the last circle in open is the benefit for you. When you in open the last zone just fire on your car and blast it so you can cover from it.

4.To get the zero recoil in the M4 16 always use compensator with 6x make it 3 x , you will see recoil decreases , we can easily kill the enemy

6.Is the enemy far from 300 Metre you won’t kill it from m416 don’t do this rather than you should use Sniper for kill the enemy, because with 6x you can try spray under 200 or 250 if we use more than this bullets drop down.

7.If you want that the enemy in the house should come to you. Just act like that you are grenading in the house, and don’t need them directly Enemy will come to you to kill you you should ready for it.

8.When you are in the aeroplane and you are falling to the looting guns and materials to kill the enemies when you are near to looting you should see in the surrounding that how many enemies are surrounding to you.
Simple for you to rush on them because you know the location of the enemies.

9.Good headphones to listening the surroundings footsteps of enemies, because they can be prone for the can be already camping, keep silence when you are rushing on them.

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