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Top PUBG PLAYERS IN INDIA| Best pubg players in india

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One only heart of many pubg lovers only, Soul MortaL  as Naman Mathur. He started his work on youtube created a YouTube channel on 15 September, 2016. The first videos that he uploaded on his channel were of his game plays of Militia . He soon got viral from epic game PUBG UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND. Mortal comes in top pubg players in india.
MortaL plays PUBGM on tablet and those of you who are not aware enough, you might need to watch out if this guy is put in the same server as yours for how stunningly excellent he is at what he does. Undoubtedly he is one of the most respected Pubg streamers on YouTube in India.

Poor gamer

Mayank Yadav is belongs to Lucknow and started his YouTube gaming journey on 25 December, 2017. The first few videos he uploaded was of his gameplay of the video game Rules of Survival. He soon then started playing PUBGM and within a year, gained enormous fame and affection because of his games play , he is down-to-earth nature, positive attitude.
Today beloved he is one of the most successful and loved streamers on YouTube India.


Carryminati there is no person left on India who don’t know about this man. Toh kaise hain aap log”? This man needs no introduction and if you don’t know him yet, you’re missing out on some great YouTube . Carry Minati as Ajay Nagar from Faridabad. He started his carrier on youtube October 30th and 2014 after he created new channel CarryisLive on 9 Jan, 2017. He is one of the biggest roaster on youtube.

Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming
“Patt se headshot”. Did you hear that sound any where? if don’t then what you have seen on youtube. We all love Dynamo, don’t we? Aditya Sawant is a real name of Dynamo & he is one of the biggest gaming content creators on YouTube India. But he is cheater why i am saying because he play pubg mobile by Computer and cheating to other creators
Dyanamo is one of the earliest gaming streamers in India. He started his work on youtube into gaming on 24 March, 2015. He started playing PUBG on 2017 and since then there has been no turning back.

Aimer Gaming

In last this is new channel on youtube and started his carrier in feb 2019 please support this person. You subscribed big youtubers like i told you names but please support this person.

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