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Ways to hack facebook by Black hat hackers

Veer Lodhi 1

Ways to hack facebook

In Today’s life hacking attempts increasing day by day on Websites, Gmail ID, and Facebook etc. Ways to hack facebook are developing and coming new ideas, Every body want keep secrets but it leaked. New ways to hack Facebook is in trending on Facebook, Find your future just by clicking on the sites. It is a new way to get your information by hackers, and what types of questions were their? How will you look after age of 50 years later. This is so funny but it is also a risk whenever we click on these types of sites and they steal data and use in wrong way.

Other ways to hack Facebook

  • Hackers will open your account then they will fill your entries and they use the mathematics that we called Permutation and combination, So always set strong password. These are some points to be remember always for safety on every platform for securing your account.
  • Now Second steps if password is wrong they just send you confirmation code for resetting your password. So always remember do not share your OTP with anyone if anybody ask just complaint to your nearby cyber cell.
  • By your Gmail ID facebook can be hack if it attached to facebook account So keep password secret. New feature is embedded by Facebook that forgetting password does not matter, User can login by connected Gmail ID.
  • And don’t open Facebook account in front of your Freinds because trust will not secure account so always keep to remember.
  • Don’t Root the phone because it allows hacking.


  • After using facebook account- log out the account.
  • Use facebook privacies.
  • Don’t use location when ever posted pictures or videos.
  • Do not share your family Images it can be wrong for user.
  • Use Blur picture to protect from Fake ID.





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