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What are the ways to earn money online

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Ways to Earn money online

It’s a new making money blog in genuine ways let’s know about ways to earn money online.I think everyone want money in own wallet to spend a better life in a society so I brought these legal information and tips and tricks to generate revenue easily. It is not easily but not so hard as you all that competition is in every field still you can do better work with little efforts and use of some mind power. There are so many ways to make money but I will introduce to some important and effective ways of Earning online.

Network Marketing

Network marking is a chain system to use make money it is best option to improve your life like shiny colour, I am not joking because I have experienced this business that’s why I approach you to work in this field. Actually what to do in network marketing? let you are joined in marketing company then you have to add at least 3 members in your down-line now you will get Rs.2700 Cheque. listen there are two legs are divided at every person now comeback at topic now your down-line also want to make money so he will talk to other friends to join that person he will get one cheque of Rs.2700 and you also get when he get you will also definitely. In present so many person has been made millionaire only from network marketing, If you not understand my way to telling you about this topic then you can see in picture.

Network marketing chain system

Make money from website

Website plays a major role to became a successful man/woman in our life. All websites are connected to biggest search engine google, Yahoo, Bing and more but the google is one of the best search engine. Now matter is that how make money from websites? Suppose you write stories to publish book offline there are less chance to earn money but if you will write stories and posted on websites then there are more chance to generate revenue.


Google is a biggest and trustful advertiser also it shows the advertisements on your blog or website pages which generates revenue for you in google adsense account-it is a balance account of google which stores our money of websites ,YouTube and Applications etc.

Procedure to approved google account

Firstly you have to make beautiful website and start writing content related to your topic-Write at least 12 blogs(article) on site then open account in google Adsense , give your data for approving website after that when your site approved for Monetization–Create AD Unit copy the code and posted on your website in Header.PHP

Earn money from YouTube

1.Create your YouTube channel with correctly data and submit all information to it like Name of the channel, Logo, and about your YouTube channel.
2.Link channel to Google Adsense.
3.Now it is gone for Monetization.
4.Record your quality video and edit perfectly or catchy.
5.Post your video on YouTube channel.
6.when your channel get 4000 watch time and 1000 subscriber your Monetization automatically starts
7.Money generation will also starts when Monetization starts.

Earn money from Fiverr
Fiverr is a online store for buying & selling work if you buy work you will get amount according to work minimum value is above $5 dollar.let’s I explained you full in briefly about, suppose you want to do design WordPress website but not have even one client then you post your work on Fiverr-like I will make your website give me $20 dollar. I think you better understand which i want to tell.

earn money from fiverr


Affiliate marketing
Affiliating marketing is a system in which person can connected to any company if he sale their products then definitely get some credits we work as a third party. It is a simple like when ever we go in market and purchase product by third party person- he will get commission according to price of the product just like it is also available in online way. Example: If you sell Amazon,flipkart and Snap-deal product by affiliation link will get revenue.

affiliate marketing picture


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