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What is Ebiz private limited

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Ebiz is a networking marketing company founded by Dr. Pawan malhan sir in June 2001 which provided computer courses along with chance to make income not in thousand, in Lakhs. This is not a rumors it is a truth you can visit Ebiz PBV LTD .com website to check the bio-data of the company, you know what Ebiz has been passed out 17th years of its birth-one more thing ebiz birthday was celebrated day before yesterday on 08/06/2001. In ebiz this is not business it is development of normal person to discipline person but organization gives extra ordinary feature-if you listen this announcement- you will shock definitely because ebiz provided 72 Computer courses with Diploma certified by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) in Rs.16,821. It is online study.

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Why it is need of Ebiz in India
Aims to founded Ebiz in India because of illiteracy of India, In India only 6.34% approximately population are literate but other than 93.56% are just roaming here and there to searching works for riding to its own-self house so the before production Dr. Pawan malhan sir has passed a survey to know why people are illiterate with these things some matters are faced out to take better solution.In Survey three things are comes out that are:
Time: Everyone not have a time to take action to these problems and busy in other unnecessary works. like joking with friends other busy in mobile phones but conclusion is that time is precious.
Age: In India there are lots of people are illiterate not small age person like 30 above man can’t study in the class with his children age’s students and as we know this study of computer courses is online so anybody can study at their computer or mobile phones this is amazing that’s why Ebiz formed in India.
Money: Dr.Malhan sir Knows about money problem in India that a poor family can’t afford this money so he keep the some education courses free with joined students.

Plus point of Ebiz
It is available at low cost.
Most important thing is Business is their in company so anybody can make income and make carriers, So many people has made their carriers in this field.You can’t trust that the highest tax paying company in Noida is Private limited.
79 Computer courses with 184 utilities.
what is my opinion? Join it now if you don’t know ask me-comment me.

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