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What is Seo? How Seo works on websites?

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Seo-Search engine Optimization

Seo is a word that you have heard somewhere else, Seo stands for Search engine optimization. It is very useful for ranking websites or youtube channels on Google because it can increase your traffic on websites by doing good Seo. In Present competition raises up and need to put hard work to grow your business, I will tell you about Seo full that how it works and Why i am telling? because I already experienced on this Website and daily visitors are good on my website. I definitely sure that it will work but remember my points with very carefully every point is very essential. And submit site map to Google search console or web master to easily analyse your site.


How to do seo on Websites

  • First point to remember that Blog or article should be in 300 word minimum or above.
  • Do not write blog below 300 words.
  • Always Use H1 Heading in first paragraph and which you are giving the H1 heading that word should be in 1st paragraph and then Highlight with Bold or italic, Underline etc.
  • Just like in H2 heading.
  • Find the best keyword on which topic you are writing by using keywords planner in Google adwords.
  • Use free plug-in of WordPress ‘yoast’ for knowing Seo perfection.
  • Don’t use images more than 4 or 5 if your text is long means of 1000 words then you can up to 10 images make possible less pictures on site because it can take more time to upload your site.
  • You should make pages if anyone search your website pages will be appear.
  • What types of blog you are writing, added to that category.

These points are my best points which i have been practiced on my website and it is improving daily. A key point make possible to publish trending topics.



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