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Why Apple products are so expensive? what is reason behind?are they cheating

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Apple’s product full detail

As we know that apple products are so expensive and they never compromise with their product quality according to phone price and I want to ask you that Apple Iphone’s really justify its price. Do you know? That Apple always keep its profit high than other multinational company because of high quality products. it is too be remember that Apple company do not develop any parts they purchase from the Taiwanese manufacturing partner Foxconn  and all the parts are assembled in China. Now rumored that apple going to be established their big production house in India.

Apple’s products are expensive because the brand became a lifestyles of a person. if the person have Iphone it means he/she is a rich and apple never compromise with their product’s quality, the parts are totally very expensive and comparison to other Smartphone like Samsung, Xiomi, Zenfone. Do you know the Software price is so costly than other Smartphone Company? Yes because the Apple convinces their users for purchasing their products.They continuously maintained the reputation in the market. If the person using apple’s product then it is became mandatory for buying apple’s products in the family like Mac book, tablets, wrists watches. and any of the broken down or can be disabled then it is sure that he will buy apple product again because it became lifestyle.

Apple headquarter

Apple is a big multinational American company which works on the high projects, they produced TVs, Mac books, laptops, Computer, wrist watches etc there are so many products which sale by the Apple company and Apple headquarter located in Cupertino, California, United states on America. The company mainly founded by college dropout student Steve jobs and other two are included Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

Apple was founded in the year April 1,1976 by Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak. As I said Steve jobs is a college dropped out student but it doesn’t mean that they were not good in studies actually they are extraordinary person and people like Bill Gates, Ambani, Steve jobs, and mark zukerberg  wanted something new in life they all did it. So keep dream big never stops watching dreams.   

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